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Green Anti-Capitalist Perspectives – A Panel & Discussion

Larc 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London

Green Anti-Capitalist Perspectives – A Panel & Discussion Sunday 2nd June, 4-6pm Venue: LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES (Main Hall) Speakers from the Anarchist Federation, the Kurdish Freedom Movement (with its feminist, ecological and democratic confederalist revolution), speakers talking security culture & the police (& getting arrested), and speakers talking about fossil … Continue reading "Green Anti-Capitalist Perspectives – A Panel & Discussion"

Green Anti-Capitalist Perspectives Panel

Leith Community Centre 12A Newkirkgate, Edinburgh

The Green Anticapitalist Front and Earth Strike are co-hosting a panel discussion on the Green Anticapitalist Perspectives of local groups. We aim to bring together the workers, students and citizens of Edinburgh to provide a platform from which to discuss how to organize our communities against capitalism in the face of the climate crisis. Featuring … Continue reading "Green Anti-Capitalist Perspectives Panel"

We need to talk about ecofascism

The seas are rising and the forests are burning - what's fascism got to do with it? WTF is ecofascism anyway? Isn't 'overpopulation' the real problem? Join us this Wednesday for an urgent discussion on ecofascism. Bring your questions. *** Event taking place at the Global Justice Rebellion site (part of Extinction Rebellion), currently inside … Continue reading "We need to talk about ecofascism"

West Papua Liberation: Q&A with Benny Wenda

Lighthouse - Edinburgh Radical Bookshop 43 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

West Papua is being exploited and we need to spread the word. We will be live streaming a Q&A session with Benny Wenda, the Chairperson of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua now living in exile in London, to understand more. Afterwards we also intend to break into smaller groups to discuss where to … Continue reading "West Papua Liberation: Q&A with Benny Wenda"

Why the green movement must be anti-capitalist.

Union Corner - Stonehouse Action, 96 Union Street, Plymouth

Capitalism is killing the earth, system change is essential for solving the ecological crisis. The Green Anti-Capitalist front is hosting talk by John Warwick author of Anarchist Federation’s pamphlet, Capitalism is killing the planet, an anarchist guide to ecology. http://afed.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Anarchist_Federation_Ecology_pamphlet_2018_Capitalism_is_Killing_the_Earth.pdf

Learning from Ende Gelaende

Grass 9 Eden Grove, London

Ende Gelaende is a series of large scale direct actions against coal that have been taking place in Germany since 2015. It is organised by a broad alliance of people from the anti-nuclear and anti-coal movements, the Rhineland and Lausitz climate camps and the Hambacher Forest anti-coal campaign brought together by the belief that to stop … Continue reading "Learning from Ende Gelaende"

What is ecofascism? with the London Antifascist Assembly

Grass 9 Eden Grove, London

Fascism is on the rise all around the world. At the same time, the climate crisis is an imminent danger to the continued survival of our ecosystems. This has brought back an old enemy that combines these two threats: ecofascism. Contrary to the popular belief, ecofascism has existed for a long time, with its origins … Continue reading "What is ecofascism? with the London Antifascist Assembly"

Weaving ecology, democracy and gender liberation into a revolutionary political paradigm with London Kurdistan Solidarity

Green London Harrow and Edgware Roads, London

The revolution in Rojava has over the last a few decades built up something powerful enough to take on the forces of fascism, patriarchy and capitalism, and to establish a society based on ecological sustainability, gender liberation and radical democracy. What can we learn from this perspective for our organising here? What kind of world … Continue reading "Weaving ecology, democracy and gender liberation into a revolutionary political paradigm with London Kurdistan Solidarity"

Radical Legal Advice

Grass 9 Eden Grove, London

Ask a comrade legal worker any question about squatters right, police interviews and how to deal with them, the hostile environment and immigration law, right of protest and assembly, terrorism laws... Location: GRASS, 9 Eden Grove (The George Pub), N7 8EE next to Holloway tube station. Contact number 07938830066. Accessibility: The space is located on … Continue reading "Radical Legal Advice"