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GAF Block at the Stop the War rally!

Nike Town 236 Oxford Street, London

The violence of war is the true face of capitalism. The inherent violence of the capitalist system is covert but manifests itself everywhere. In the cities of neoliberalism we breathe polluted air, meanwhile the world's oxygenating rainforests are burnt down as the fossil fuel industry increases production and places the burden of climate change on … Continue reading "GAF Block at the Stop the War rally!"

Street meetings and leafleting


Join us to help leaflet for our upcoming events and sign up more people to Glasgow GAF. If your passing and want to support us or get involved please stop by for a chat. There will be an open megaphone. The more hands the better! Saturday 18th and 25th January, 12-2pm Outside the Barclays Bank, … Continue reading "Street meetings and leafleting"

Climate Strike! February

Victoria Square Birmingham

Capitalism must expand forever to survive, and capitalists will destroy the earth to do it. They'll set the world on fire, poison the air and tear up the earth. In the face of this crisis, the governments of the world seem more interested in propping up capitalist profits than preventing disaster. A disruptive campaign of … Continue reading "Climate Strike! February"

Take the Power Back

Marble Arch Marble Arch, London

After the post-election mini-riot of the 13th December, People Power Grab and Green Anti-Capitalist Front are joining forces. To launch of GAF's week of action against capitalism, we're building a united force for change - to take the power back - and to take to the streets of central London with the usual mobile sound-systems … Continue reading "Take the Power Back"

Petroleum Week dinner protest with Fossil Free London

Marble Arch Marble Arch, London

It turns out our week of action falls on International Petroleum week! If joining our seedbombing workshop is not for you, join our comrades from Fossil Free London to protest the disgusting International Petroleum Week, and tell the fossil fuels industry they're not welcome in our city! This year, they've had the nerve to theme … Continue reading "Petroleum Week dinner protest with Fossil Free London"

Seedbombing day

British biodiversity is in crisis. Industrial farming practices, particularly the use of pesticides and monocultures, are destroying diverse natural habitats for profit, while haphazard urban expansion is continuously fragmenting already delicate ecosystems. Without processes such as pollination and natural pest control, human civilization will collapse. To combat the imminent threat to our environment we will … Continue reading "Seedbombing day"

Mayday Revolt Call Out

This Mayday is unlike any previous Maydays. There will be no marches in the streets and no public speeches. Yet, now more than ever, we need to show that we are still here, still angry and still fighting. GAF is calling for an autonomous day of action on the 1st of May. We can’t demonstrate, … Continue reading "Mayday Revolt Call Out"

Mayday Bingo

This Mayday, to get us all back into the habit of going out into the great outdoors and doing cool shit again, - but also to remind us all how we can achieve more if we all work together - we are issuing an open challenge to participate in our Mayday Bingo. What better way … Continue reading "Mayday Bingo"