Outcome from our second open assembly

On the 4th May 2019, the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF) held its second open assembly. Approximately seventy people attended, the majority for their first time. The assembly’s agenda was divided into two parts: the first focusing on clarifying the aims and principles of GAF, reflecting on past actions and considering possible future directions for the … Continue reading Outcome from our second open assembly

Open Meeting 4th May 2019

We will be holding our second open meeting on Saturday 4th of May in Halkevi Turkish and Kurdish Cultural Centre in Dalston starting at 3pm. The full address is: 31-33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF Come along if you want to find out more about how you can get involved with the Green Anti-Capitalist Front.

April 15th – Post-action report

Less than a month after our first assembly we took to the streets of London to carry out an action to coincide with the beginning of Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) ‘Rebellion Week’. We gathered among the tourists in front of St Paul’s cathedral. Our numbers were made up of members from various groups, including but not … Continue reading April 15th – Post-action report

April 15th – Anti-Capitalist Demo Call Out

We are calling for a broad anti-capitalist front to take part in environmentalist actions starting on Monday 15th of April in London, outside St Paul’s Cathedral, meeting at 12 noon. We will be assembling at St Paul’s Cathedral for a tour of the heart of global extractive finance, also known as the City of London. … Continue reading April 15th – Anti-Capitalist Demo Call Out

Outcome from our first meeting

Critique of XR – although everyone who attended had their own critique with XR, building a positive narrative of what an anticapitalist future might look like is more important that pointing out the failures of others. We can bring people around to our way of thinking by articulating an alternative. GAF as network – climate … Continue reading Outcome from our first meeting

Open meeting 23rd March 2019

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front is a new movement supported by radical groups and individuals across London and the UK which aims to support the surge of actions being carried out by Extinction Rebellion while also offering a radical alternative for those who see the abolition of capitalism as the only real means of avoiding complete … Continue reading Open meeting 23rd March 2019