Statement in relation to Revolutionary Communist Group

The Green Anticapitalist Front, as stated in its Aims and Principles ( organises in a supportive, inclusive way, free from bullying or abusive behaviour. This includes sexual harassment and abuse, as well as covering up and tolerating such behaviour. GAF London has been approached several times by people outside the organisation about why we were organising with the RCG (Revolutionary Communist Group) who are accused of all the aforementioned actions.

We want to assure everyone that we are taking these accusations very seriously and are in the process of investigating them and holding discussions with the RCG. A decision and statement will be released as soon as all parties are satisfied.

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New week of action venue: welcome to GRASS!

While Green London is still holding strong in the former Paddington Green Police Station, we felt it was unfair to bring members of the public into a situation where they could be exposed to the aggressive and threatening behaviour of the police and bailiffs. We have therefore, while continuing our occupation of Green London, decided to open a new social space for our week of action: the Green Revolutionary Anticapitalist Social Space. GRASS!

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Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space (GRASS) in Paddington

Was nice to meet Oli (and Rich!) from the other day! The GRASS (Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space) was originally formulated as the result of a public assembly to come up with ideas to tackle capitalism in ways that not only ‘stick it to the man’, but demonstrate that it’s entirely practical and possible to build a new society. A society based on fairness, compassion, co-ordination and communal working and living. The sort of society where no one will be without a home or a chance to live a fulfilling life.

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Paddington Green Police Station occupation in anticipation of our week of action

On the night of February 7th, a group of activists from the Green Anti-Capitalist Front, alongside squatters and other activists, occupied the abandoned High security police station at Paddington Green. The intention is to hold the space and turn it into a community centre, the activities of which will culminate in a week of action against capitalism.

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Green Anticapitalist Week of Action (24/02 – 02/03)

The British government has been elected and, with the Tories in power, it looks bleaker for the future of our planet than ever before.

Now is the time to fight back.

To show resistance to the ecocide being committed by the capitalist class and supported by many in Parliament, we call you to join us for a Week of Action! Every day for a week in February (24/02–02/03) we will be organising events and protests to let the leaders and the people of this country know that we are here to fight for the survival of our planet by facing capitalism head on.

From reclaiming unoccupied buildings for our communities, organising workshops and social events to raise awareness and encourage self-reliance, to reclaiming public space for nature by guerilla gardening, and being loud and clear about our rage against profit-making by stockbrokers and their like at the expense of our planet and fellow humans – join our Week of Action, whether by organising yourselves locally or joining our actions, to let them know that even under Tory rule we’ll keep fighting capitalism for our planet!

Email to get involved with organising.

More details to follow.

Where next for socialism in Britain?

On Friday we woke up to news that the Conservative Party, spearheaded by their new far-right vanguard, had won the election. The “FPTP” voting system and most media – stitched to the Tories – all working as intended, the Tories won a huge majority of seats without even half the votes of those who voted. We all know who will benefit from this continued slide into inequality and it’s not the majority, and definitely not the most vulnerable. On Saturday we awoke to the announcement that the island’s most infamous fascist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon had apparently joined the Conservative Party. There is no beating around the bush now: Britain has been captured by far-right nationalists who are waging an ecocidal class war.

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No to Empire, No to NATO!

Hello friends! We are publishing the call from the Internationalist Commune and Isles Coordination for the NATO summit on the 3rd and 4th. The call is for people to join us in London for a mass demo on the 3rd, marching on Buckingham Palace where NATO leaders will be met by the queen, and/or to organise autonomous actions where you are on the 4th. Erdogan has confirmed his attendance, so it’s important we get as large a mobilisation and as many actions as possible!

For more information:

Glasgow Rolling Picket For The Environment!

We have organised this protest to demonstrate the contribution British banks and supermarkets are making towards environmental disaster and ecological destruction. We will be moving around Glasgow City Centre to picket a number of stores, with an open mic for anybody who wants to speak out against climate change. With very little time left to save our planet before it is too late, we need to take action now!

Join us
Saturday 23 November, 12noon – 2pm
Assemble the Royal Concert Hall Steps,
Buchanan Street

Capitalism is extinction! Imperialism is destruction!

(Glasgow GAF are on Facebook and Twitter)

Stop arming Turkey! Solidarity with Rojava (Bristol Call Out)

This Friday (25th October)
Join us at the gates of BAE and MBDA to demand an end to the supply of
arms to the fascist Turkish State.

Golf Course Lane, Filton, BS34 7QS
Workers arrive early and we want them to hear what we have to say.

At 4pm on October 9th, the Turkish occupation army and its Islamist allies
began their long-prepared war of aggression against the liberated areas of
northern Syria. Turkish military forces have carried out serious
violations and war crimes, including summary killings and unlawful attacks
that have killed and injured civilians. BAE and MBDA, with offices in
Bristol, supply arms to Turkey.

In 2017, BAE agreed a £100 million deal with the Turkish Air Force to
develop a new fighter jet. Theresa May signed a special export license to
ease the process of selling these weapons to Turkey. In January 2018, a
deal was finalised between the Turkish government and EUROSAM for a new
missile programme. EUROSAM is a joint venture between MBDA Missile Systems
and Thales.

More information on arms companies supplying Turkey here:

Please share this widely to get maximum involvement! See:

Catalonia is Drowning

It is we the workers who built these palaces and cities here in Spain and in America and everywhere. We, the workers, can build others to take their place. And better ones! We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing this minute.

Buenaventura Durruti
Left: Catalan demonstrators chanting “The streets will always be ours”
Right: Spanish riot cops behind burning garbage containers

On 14th October 2019, the supreme court of the Spanish state sentenced nine Catalan independence leaders to a combined total of 100 years in prison, for the crime of organising a democratic vote of self-determination. Within hours, a protest was launched at Barcelona’s airport, organised on an open-source mobile app called ‘Tsunami Democratic‘. Thousands of people shut down the airport, grounding flights and probably ruining many a tourist’s day. The police, as the violent enforcing arm of capitalism, charged at the protestors and beat them with batons, in an attempt to drive them away from the airport, immediately setting the tone on police response.

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